Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NEW RESIDENCY, with International Artists Carolina Otero,Toña Vegas and Wendy Samet

Carolina's Print
                                     Carolina Otero, Soledad and Wendy Samet

                                                       Randi with ToñaVegas

Soledad and Nayeon with exposure unit
Wendy Samet, NaYeon Kim,  Mariska Rivera
Randi and Soledad

Toña Vegas

Soledad viewing Toña Vegas print with Randi Reiss McCormack

 NaYeon intern from MICA helping in the Mini Residency

Soledad Salame, Toña Vegas, Randi Reiss McCormack, Carolina Otero
                                                                      Studio View

All Images in this post by Carolina Otero.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Workshop/Residencies

Hello Artists,

Please join us in our summer workshops in June and July at Sol Print Studio.
We are going to have two days to make transparencies and new plates for anybody who wants to start a new body of work.

Here is our schedule:

(Maximum of 3 artists for each session) 
June, 22-23 | for artists who are making transparencies and new plates
June, 24-25 | anyone who wants to finish their previous prints

(Maximum of 3 artists for each session)
July, 13-14 | for anyone who started new plates in June to complete their portfolio
July, 15-16 | continue finishing/advancing all prints

Hours: 10AM – 4PM, Cost: $250 per day

To sign up, contact us:
Soledad Salamé
Phone: 443 414 6542

Randi Reiss-McCormack
Phone: 443 604 8236

Photo credit: Gloria Askin, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

Open Call For ​International ​Print Exchange

Online Pre Registration – 31st May 2017 
Print submission – 15th August 2017 (India)

​​'International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP), India is an initiative founded​ in 2013​ as a platform for international printmakers for exchanging thoughts and techniques dedicated to the "artist printmakers" worldwide as a non profit initiative. ​​IPEP enables printmakers to share their work with other printmakers and thus get a chance to have multiple exhibitions worldwide and a collection of prints from all over the world. The sole purpose of IPEP is that of sharing print and creating a network of connections with printmakers from around the world and creating an awareness of printmaking as a form of Art by creating more viewership.​ ​ 

​From last ​four​ years we are inviting artist printmakers to contribute their work on non profit basis for IPEP and resend them a portfolio with the works of other participants. Each artist then exhibits the portfolio in their respective country and creates discussion around it as well as share the documentation with everyone through various modes of communication. However it is mandatory for each participating artist to exhibit within their own capacity. Each year art-writers are invited to analyse, document and critique the set of works and to provide a context to the process​, which includes in our catelogues​ This year we have invited ​Mithu Joardar (India) and ​Robin​ Lasser (USA) as the art-writers. ​ 

For 2017, we address ​‘Homeland’​,​ an idea that evokes a feeling of belonging​ and ​aiming at an emotional appeal that crosses the ethnic borders and hierarchy of societies. The concept of space that we call as home, bonds with the root that has a collective identity. It shapes our culture strongly yet so subconsciously that we sense the pull of the bond only when distance is created. The emotional connect with the personal to global context will be the key to the​​ endeavour. The artists would be responding to the idea through their individual perspectives to surface varied viewpoints. The topics are chosen to make a universal appeal to the people to connect from all walks of life and link aesthetics with the issues of living. IPEP has organised ​four programmes in past ​four years and more than ​35 exhibitions worldwide and continues to do so. Chatterjee&Lal gallery and Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai has generously supported the Indian chapte​rs. IPEP would be glad to receive your ​participation and support for the programme​​

For more information and Registration please visit
Website : www.ipepindia.com 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Artist Exhibition

Hope everyone is having a relaxing and productive weekend! We'd like to update a current event that's going on and invite you all to come support our works at "Sol Print Studio Artists." The exhibition is on view now at the Tuttle Gallery, McDongh School. The exhibition is up and running until March 24. Thank you.