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Poli Marichal for Interleaf of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society

Last week artist & writer Poli Marichal visited Sol Print Studios. Poli writes for Interleaf the quarterly journal of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society

Poli will be leading a mini-residency on Animation & Printmaking in 2016. Dates TBD.

Feature in Interleaf to come.

Bio: Artist/Filmmaker/Illustrator Poli Marichal was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and presently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she has her studio.  Since 1995, Marichal has made numerous mono silk-screens, etchings, linocut prints and woodcuts and participated in workshops and exhibitions at the renowned East Los Angeles visual arts center, Self-Help Graphics & Art. Marichal is one of the founding members of Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective, a dynamic group of artists whose works have been featured in exhibitions in California, Texas and Mexico. She is also a member of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Consejo Grafico and the Writer's Guild of America. 

 Photographs courtesy of Poli Marichal

Thank you Poli for your visit!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Preview of prints from Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio

Randi Reiss-McCormack

Catherine Berhent  

Gloria Askin

Oletha DeVane

Ken Houston

Katherine Kavanaugh

Michelle La Perriere

Christine Neil

Soledad Salame

Ruby Yunis

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Press Release for Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio

Press Release

Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio
curated by Sarah Tanguy

September  4 – 26, 2015

Opening Reception Friday, September 4, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Culture Blast September 17th from 6 pm – 8 pm

 Hillyer Art Space
9 Hillyer Court NW,  Washington, DC 20008

Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio (SPS) highlights recent work by 14 SPS artists, including Gloria Askin, Catherine Behrent, Oletha DeVane, Jane Eifler, Ken Huston, Joe Kabriel, Katherine Kavanaugh, Michelle La Perriere, Christine Neill, Ruth Pettus, Leslie Portney, Randi Reiss-McCormack, Soledad Salame, and Ruby Yunis. From landscape to text-based and figurative to abstract, the prints reflect an engrossing range in subject, while revealing the rich technical potential in solar plate etching and non-toxic printmaking.

Culture Blast
Join curator Sarah Tanguy and artists Soledad Salamé and Randi Reiss McCormack at Hillyer Art Space on September 17th from 6 pm – 8 pm. Sarah Tanguy will lead a gallery talk afterwards Salamé and McCormack for a demonstration of solar etching, an eco-friendly printmaking technique.

Hillyer Art Space is a program of International Arts & Artists, a nonprofit arts service organization that informs, educates, and inspires the public through enriching experiences in the arts.

Sol Print Studio
Founded in 2009 by Soledad Salame, Sol Print Studio is a printmaking facility in Baltimore dedicated to solar plate etching and non-toxic printmaking. Artists attend residencies where they create prints, editions, and collaborative works. They can also develop specific projects and are guided from conception to edition by working one-on-one with Director Salame or Associate Director Randi Reiss-McCormack. Collaboration, an exchange of ideas, and high quality prints are hallmarks of SPS.

Sarah Tanguy's Essay for Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio at Hillyer Art Space

Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio

Under the Sun brings together 14 artists whose work explores the rich potential of solar plate etching and non-toxic printmaking as a means to convey personal aesthetic. From landscape to text-based and figurative to abstract, their prints brim with passion while presenting a spectrum of inspiration and source material.

Katherine Kavanaugh, Randi Reiss-McCormack and Oletha DeVane use symbols to comment on the human condition. In Kavanaugh’s Refugee Series I, spectral images of Afghani tents and camps evoke displacement and transience. Reiss-McCormack’s Looking for a Herd enlists the image of an anthropomorphized cow to upend the stereotype of a cowgirl, and in Underfriction, a fragmented rollercoaster spins out of control. DeVane channels her subject’s underlying spiritual meaning into a personal prayer, story or myth, as the transformation of a shimmering temple complex in Spirit House attests.

Mundane objects acting as human surrogates animate the work of Joe Kabriel, Catherine Behrent, and Ruth Pettus. In Kabriel’s diaristic Red Book Series, images of coffee cups suggest an oasis from the frenzied of everyday experience. In Entry, Behrent depicts some of her son’s toy cowboys riding into L’Heure Bleue, that mysterious time of twilight and transition. Equally charged, Pettus’ studies of worn shoes conjure the wear and tear of experience, as well as spiritual resilience.

Ruby Yunis, Michelle LaPerriere and Gloria Askin weave memories into their layered narratives. In works like Parallel Universes, Yunis seeks to bridge her inner world with outer spaces, using forms from sacred geometry to fashion a “portrait” of her soul. In La Perriere’s Waxing, nature and geometry converge into a liminal moment, where thoughts and feelings converse with weather and place. Updating the traditional still life, Looking for Perfection transforms Askin’s passion for travel, color, and flowers into a complex web of lyrical expression.

Ordered chaos lies at the core of Leslie Portney, Jane Eifler, and Ken Huston’s practices. In Asian Way, Eifler draws on personal engagement with popular culture to construct a rich abstract language embedded with human references. Huston’s conceptual works, including Target, and Power, distill words and form into potent, visual puzzles. In Expansion of Circles and Squares, Portney’s mark making achieves dynamic equilibrium through playful improvisation and formal analysis.

In the works of Christine Neill and Soledad Salamé, an interest in science and the environment add urgency to their quest for balance. Neill collects, and then transforms plant specimens into parables to address the effects of inter-species life on earth’s endangered habitat, while Salamé, inspired by her research at the ALMA observatory, abstracts images of telescopes into an energetic play of form and shadow to draw connections between our planet and beyond.

Sol Print Studio

Founded in 2009 by Soledad Salamé, Sol Print Studio is a facility in Baltimore, MD, dedicated to solar plate etching and non-toxic printmaking techniques. During residencies, artists create prints, editions, and collaborative works. They also develop specific projects, and are guided from conception to completion by Director Salamé or Associate Director Reiss-McCormack. Collaboration, an exchange of ideas, and high quality prints are hallmarks of SPS.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In Our News: Artists of Sol Print Studio

  • Michelle La Perriere  , For a month this summer, from 15 May - 13 June, I was a resident at the Jentel Artists residency in Banner, Wyoming. 
           I was given the Printmaker's Studio (which I had exactly 10 years before in 2005).
  • Gloria Askin has recently displayed prints in Pyramid Atlantic’s “Juried Members Exhibition” in Washington D.C., as well as “Intaglio,” a group exhibit juried by Ruth Lingen of Pace Prints, traveling between St. Louis and New York City. 

  • Oletha DeVane was sponsored by the U.S.Embassy and Unite Arab Emirates, at a month long artist residency. The Abu Dhabi Art Hub in the United Arab Emirates invites up to five artists a month from different parts of the world to come together to create, live and experience an intercultural relationship. At the end of the residency artist showcased their works in a one person exhibitions to guest representatives from the UAE and the US Embassy.  It was the first showcasing at the Art Hub of African American artists.
    Some of the images inspired by that trip will be displayed in '
    INSIDE/OUTSIDE' at the Creative Alliance starting October 10th .
    The Banneker-Douglass Museum in Annapolis will be creating “wall murals” from work created by DeVane and several artists from Maryland and D.C. area.  The exhibition is curated by artist, Lillian Thomas Burwell.
  •  Helen Frederick, recent exhibitions: ART AND POLITICS, Strohl Gallery, Chautauqua Art Institute, Chautauqua New York, June 2015, during a residency and faculty appointment at the Summer Art Institute. PERSONAL PATTERNS, curated by Claudia Rousseau, King Street Gallery, Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz FoundationArt Center, Takoma Park, MD, October - November, 2015. SELFIES: 50 AT 50, Southwest School of Art celebrates 50 Years, San Antonio, TX, National Invitational, May-July, 2015. ACTS OF SILENCE , Intersections Exhibition, curated by Vesela Stretenovic,Curator of Contemporary Art, at the Phillips Collection, Washington DC, February to May, 2016

  • Alan Grabelsky is working on a series of silkscreen prints at the Fredericton Makerspace, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada where he and Irene Apostoleris are spending the summer. During the week of August 24, Alan and Irene will be collaborating with master printer, Robert Van de Peer at the Sunbury Shores Print Studios in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, on a series of etchings.
  • Alan Grabelsky & Irene Apostoleris were in the November Printmaker's Showcase at Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Center in St Andrews, New Brunswick where they also participated in a summer residency.

  • Joe Kabriel's drawings were recently featured in a group exhibition at Tag Gallery at Bergamot Arts Center in Santa Monica, California. Kabriel recently moved to a canyon community in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California

  • Katherine Kavanaugh has an upcoming collaborative exhibition, Cartographies of Loss with poet Soheila Ghaussy. The show will be on view from September 1st – 13th at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Decker Gallery. The opening reception is September 3rd from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Kavanaugh also received a three month 'Keyholder' residency at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • For a month this summer, from 15 May - 13 June, Michelle LaPerriere was a resident at the Jentel Artist Residency in Banner, Wyoming.
  • Christine Neill had a solo exhibition, “Metaphors of Light and Night,” at Goya Contemporary Gallery. She has also recently exhibited her work at the Adkins Arboretum Gallery and the Art Museum Complex in Duxbury, MA.

  • Randi Reiss-McCormack’s edition Looking for a Herd was featured under Selected New Editions in “Art in Print” Vol. 5 No. 1 in April 2015.

  • Ruby Yunis' work has been selected to represent the poem “Between Jupiter and Mars" in a "Book of Poems by Antonio Skarmeta”  The work and the book,will be exhibited in ExpoArte Santo Domingo, Chile, during January and February 2016. She is permanently exhibiting her work in “Fondo y Forma" a new art space in Santiago, Chile, from March 2015. She also has a solo exhibition "Cosmovision of a Parallel World “ Faculty of Engineering,Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, from June 5 to September 15 2015.

  • Soledad Salamé was nominated for the Davidoff International Residency at Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic. 

  • Deutsche Bank in New York has acquired two of Soledad Salamé’s prints for their exhibit entitled “Herland.”  The bank has been collecting cutting-edge, contemporary art for over 35 years.

Check it out: Curator Lina Vincent Sunish's Between the Lines: Identity, Place, and Power

Cover image: Italia, Jyoti Bhatt, collagraph, 1961.

The Waswo X. Waswo Collection of Indian Printmaking represents over seventy-nine Indian artists from diverse geographical regions. Consisting of woodcuts, etchings, lithographs and screenprints, the works in the collection span a time from 1916 to the present. Unlike many surveys of contemporary printmaking, Between the Lines approaches its subject matter with an emphasis on imagery and meaning rather than technique. It stands as a completely fresh approach to a much neglected subject. Art Historian and Curator Lina Vincent Sunish makes a unique analysis of the sociological and historical context that has moulded the growth of Indian art. Arguing that images often straddle the lines of arbitrary categories, she approaches The Waswo X. Waswo Collection of Indian Printmaking as a particular pathway through a complex aesthetic and historical geography. With keen insight she elaborates on how the concepts of Identity, Place and Power have shaped artistic creation, while at the same time encouraging us to think between these categorical parameters.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sarah Tanguy selects artwork for 'Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio' 
  Upcoming Opening
Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio

Curator/art critic Sarah Tanguy reviews prints with Soledad Salame and Randi Reiss-McCormack.
Photos by Michael Koryta 

For the past year independent curator and arts writer Sarah Tanguy has worked with Sol Print Studio (SPS) to prepare an exhibition for  artists. Sarah visited SPS last week to curate an upcoming exhibition at Hillyer Art Space in Washington, D.C. Fourteen artists have been selected to participate. 

"Under the Sun: Artists of Sol Print Studio" represents the continued growth of SPS and emphasizes the deep affinity artists, who often work in diverse mediums, have for printing processes. The artists involved with SPS come from South America, Texas, Philadelphia, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Some come from a printmaking background, while others work in jewelry, video and sound, sculpture, painting, and performance. The unique aspect of SPS is that artists develop specific projects and are guided from conception to edition through comprehensive printmaking techniques.

Please join us for the opening September 4th, 2015.

Exhibiting artists: 

       Gloria Askin                            Joe Kabriel                           Leslie Portney
       Catherine Behrent                  Katherine Kavanaugh           Randi Reiss-McCormack
       Oletha DeVane                       Michelle La Perriere              Soledad Salame
       Jane Eifler                              Christine Neill                        Ruby Yunis
       Ken Huston                            Ruth Pettus     

Washington-based Sarah Tanguy is an independent curator and arts writer, as well as a curator at Art in Embassies, U.S. Department of State. In addition to exhibitions and collections for U.S. diplomatic missions overseas, her current projects include “Between the Covers: Altered Books in Contemporary Art” and an ongoing exhibition series for the American Center for Physics.

View her website here

Upcoming August Workshops- August 13 - 16

Upcoming Mini-Residencies/Workshops at
We offer artists project-based, guided studio time in our print shop.  Artist and printmakers Soledad Salamé and Randi Reiss-McCormick work individually with artists to create a strong body of work, offering enough guidance and freedom to enhance their creative identity and visual language.  Our residencies are an opportunity for growth within your artistic practice; many of our artists have acquired new venues for exhibition with the portfolios they create in our classes.

These residencies are an immersive experience where all energies work to help the artist best develop their ideas in well-executed prints.  The duration of the program is four days of intensive work and collaboration.

August 13, 14, 15, 16
10 am - 4 pm each day

Cost: $250 per day - Includes all studio materials (except for paper and solar plates), and the help of a studio assistant.

To sign up, contact us:
Soledad Salamé, Founder and Director, 443-414-6542

pictured: Entry, Catherine Behrant, 2014