Thursday, February 14, 2019

Artists and Teachers comments about Sol Print Studio

 Katherine Kavanaugh

Refugee Series

Sol Print Studios was created through the dedication and determination of print-maker, Soledad Salame.  She has created a community of print-makers in Baltimore who support and nurture each other’s self-confidence and skill development. Sol is a superb print-maker in her own right.  She has brought her life-long commitment to the printmaking process to establishing a vital group of local and regional print-makers.
Personally, I’ve worked with Sol over the years to create several different bodies of work -- each one unique and each one reflecting my personal vision.
Since 2009 Sol has worked with a variety of artists, both individually and in workshops, to aid them in defining their conceptual concerns and technical problems with the goal of building strong bodies of work.  In addition, Sol has sought out exhibition opportunities for the artists in various regional venues and galleries. 


   Christine Neill


  Split Magnolia

   I often make prints in conjunction with my larger mixed media paintings as a way to visualize new images and ideas. Beginning in 2011, I made a series of Solar Plate etchings at Sol Print Studios under the guidance of Soledad Salame. Soledad adroitly directed the process from beginning drawings, through plate making and inking to final editions. Other professional artists were also working in the studio, engendering a vibrant creative atmosphere, lively discussions and new friendships. In addition, Soledad arranged for several exhibitions in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas, providing opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available to us without the Sol Print Studios.

  Oletha DeVane
  Harriet, 2017 solar etching

   Sol Print Studio yielded an inspiring body of work for me in workshops that I've taken many years for professional development. Soledad's individual attention to each artists is unique to her teaching skills and technical knowledge. Her willingness to share her well equipped studio facilities allows each of us to experiment and test ideas. It's a beautiful, well lit space and the food is exceptional!

Joyce J. Scott 

Obamalicious, solar etching and Monoprint

Working wet. I used to paint and work with clay. The feeling’s very different as is the outcome’s satisfaction. My studio experience at Sol Print is so joyous because of that satisfaction. The immediacy, color blending that wet work brings, is so pleasing for this bead artist.



      Extinguish, Drone, Frack , solar etching  

Working at Sol Print Studios with Soledad, and assistant Marisca Rivera provided such a rewarding professional experience in a beautiful light-filled studio. I was preparing for a museum exhibition ACTS OF SILENCE that explored attunement to, endangerment, and disappearance of natural environments. The knowledge the studio provided for photographic interpretations provided rich solar plate imagery on the flax papers that I had prepared ahead. Not every studio would have been able to complete this demanding edition printing. I am grateful to everyone who participated in the project.


Catherine Behrent

Dos Hijos, 2017 monoprint ,relief and solaretching

As a painter it has been an especially rewarding journey for me over the last couple of years printmaking at Solprint Studio.  With Soledad’s expertly trained eye, insight, and instruction I have been able to produce the body of prints I was imagining.   I am also grateful to Randi for her experienced guidance and encouragement.  The support and encouragement from all working in the studio, the collaborative learning and the creative problem- solving atmosphere create an energy each working day that sparks a productive experience. AND, the beautiful, inspired luncheons each day nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.   Soledad’s vision for Solprint Studio does not end with a workshop, but includes her continued enthusiasm and support for Solprint Studio artists as she works to create new exhibition opportunities, venues and exposure for our prints.

Leslie Portney 

  Heart III

I am fortunate to have participated in many workshops with Sol Print Studios. Working side by side with Soledad Salame, founder and director, and with Randi Reiss McCormack, I expanded my creative process. The workshops helped me develop my own unique language and voice as an artist. Photography, encaustic, solar etching, watercolors, collage and drawing  and ceramics were presented as mediums for new ideas. Because of the small amount of people enrolled in each workshop, Sole is able to work with each artist and share her artistic knowledge and technical skills as a master printmaker. She takes the time to work with each artist individually and has the ability to listen, guide and honor each artist’s voice.

Gloria Askin

Untitled solar-etching and monoprint

In 2008 Soledad Salame invited me to become part of a printing workshop at Sol Print Studio. I had not studied printing before that. But her patient and enthusiastic teaching style along with the intelligent assistance of Randi Reiss, helped me make an exciting beginning. The friendliness of the others in the group was also a support. Soledad also worked to provide opportunities for exhibitions and sales.


Monday, February 11, 2019


                                            A Collaboration between two wonderful artists
                                             Joyce J Scott and Oletha DeVane

                                                   Joyce J Scott and Oletha DeVane 
                                                     Mariska Rivera Studio Assistant