Sol Print Studios, a printmaking facility located in Baltimore, is dedicated to solar plate etching and non-toxic printmaking. Artist and printer Soledad Salame, Director, founded Sol Print Studios (SPS) in 2009. The studio has grown during the past five years; Randi Reiss-McCormack became the Associate Director in 2012,  Mariska Rivera and Hannah, come on board as Studio and Media Assistant Fiona Suhermann.

Soledad Salame , Founder of SPS

Randi Reiss McCormack
Associate Director

Artists attend residencies where they devote themselves to making prints, editions, and collaborative works to complement their portfolios. Workshops combine solar etching with mono printing, embossing, encaustic wax, and other media.  Artists also come to develop specific projects and are guided from conception to edition through a comprehensive process by working individually with Soledad and Randi.

SPS is known as a place where artists can refocus and concentrate their creative efforts, combined with outstanding printmaking and artistic values. Collaboration, an exchange of ideas and high quality prints are hallmarks of SPS.

Helen Frederick and Soledad