• Flat Fee of $1,750 (or $250/day) for more than one artist.  Maximum of three artists. Would guarantee full, 7 day, 6 hours a day access to studio equipment, facilities, assistant/printmaker, and materials, only excluding paper and plates.
  • Flat Fee of $2940 (or $450/day) for a single artist's residency. Would guarantee 7 days, 6 hours a day, of work one on one with owner Soledad Salame for production, including at least one final consultancy/critique. Would include materials, only excluding paper and plates. 
  • Artists would leave Sol Print Studios with one of their prints for the archives.
  • Those opting for the two-artist residency must be of a similar skill level.
  • Paper and Solar plates are available for sale through studio at retail prices, based on size and brand.
  • Our studio includes resources for solar etching, monoprinting, and encaustic.  Any silkscreening will be done outside of the studio unless the project is on a smaller scale.  Size limits are 22''x30'' paper, and 16''x20'' plates.  
  • Once you are selected for the residency, we will proceed first with a skype interview to discuss your project proposal for the program.
  • The artist in residence will come out with an extensive portfolio of work in different mediums.
  • Room and board on site available for an extra $85/night or $120/night with breakfast and lunch included.
  • If you are interested in touring the Baltimore Art scene, we would be more than happy to give you information for visiting the following museums and galleries. 
  • Museums include: The Contemporary Museum, Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore Museum of Art, the American Visionary Art Museum.
  • Galleries include: Goya Contemporary, C. Grimaldis Gallery

Ongoing applications start on March 1st 2011 for residencies starting in June- December of 2011.

Next residency-


Intensive residency, solar etching and monoprint, and solar etching on Japanese paper with encaustic wax
with Soledad Salamé.

Artist Soledad Salamé will host a series of printmaking residencies for small groups of artists in her Reservoir Hill studio. The focus of this course will be a few days on solar etching with monoprint, and solar etching with encaustic wax on Japanese paper, and other papers.

Next Residency: November (dates to be announced)
Residency duration: 5 days
Hours: 10 am - 4 pm
Cost: $250 a day  -Includes wax, inks, plus all studio materials    -Excludes paper and plates
Limited to 3 artists
Tel: 410 462 5365

Goal: The artist will leave with a portfolio of at least 10-20 prints, depending on size and technique, ready for presentation and exhibitions. 

This residency has an opening for one more artist! Apply now!