Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID 19@ SPS : We will be working during 2020 : One to One or maybe with Two artists in Collaboration

Wendy Samet, one on one with Soledad

Working with Joyce J. Scott and Oletha DeVane

Ksenia Nouril, Jensen Bryan Curator @ The Print Center, Phila.

 Catalog Essay
 Ksenia Nouril

"We The Migrants; Fleeing/Flooding"
Goya Contemporary

Ksenia Nouril visits SPS

photography: Matt Rencher

"Soledad Salamé - We The Migrants: Fleeing / Flooding" © 2019
Published in conjunction with the exhibition 
"Soledad Salamé - We The Migrants: Fleeing / Flooding"
shown at Goya Contemporary, September 15 - October 26, 2019.
Essay: Ksenia Nouril
Interview with Jennie Hirsh
Design: Glenn Dellon
Photography: Michael Koryta

Thursday, May 21, 2020

From Chile , Filming at SPS

Filming for a cultural program at University of Chile:

 Herencia and Coherencia, historias que cambian vidas 



     Conducting the program, Susana Munoz 
with Soledad Salame
Camarografo y Arquitecto
Ignacio Rivera Munoz,

 Interview of Soledad
by Susana Munoz , director of Serbal


 Soledad y Fabiola Aburto, 
periodista y coordinadora Serbal



Curator, Lina Vincent@SPS

Lina and Soledad

Lina, Helen Frederick, Soledad,
Randi Reiss McCormack, Catherine Behrent
visiting Randi's studio and home.

Visiting Randi's Studio

 Microcosm-Macrocosm Presentation with Prof. Fahimeh Vahdat
Howard Community College


Fahimeth Vahdat, Soledad Salame, Randi Reiss McCormack, Helen Frederick

Students viewing the print exchange program
at HCC

  Lina Vincent, curator, IPEP India 2018  
talking to students at HCC

Rajesh Pullarwar
Founder Director IPEP India
Talking to the students at HCC