Monday, April 14, 2014

New Residency led by Helen Frederick: Exploring Hand Papermaking - Western and Oriental

Helen Frederick making paper in Detroit

Exploring Hand Papermaking - Western and Oriental
May 30-June 1 
30, 31, 1  

led by Helen Frederick; artist, curator, and professor

From paper formation to the computer, artists are now blending various techniques for acquiring form, layering and color. This workshop is seen as shared exploration between the participants to mine ideas for hand papermaking as an art form. Sheet forming with aspects of translucency, pulp painting, watermarking and the use of inclusions in the paper will be explored.(instructor will bring various examples and give a PowerPoint talk). Students should come prepared for exploring wet paper pulp and resources from their sketchbook and personal experience to create their works. Bring some preliminary found materials like collage elements, found textures, memorials and the like. Also bring personal concepts that you would like to develop or discuss as trouble shooting during the workshop.

Workshop Timeline
Day One:
-Introductions and greetings
-Introduction to the history and process of traditional hand papermaking
-Cooking and beating Japanese fibers
-Tutorial on sheet formation and technique
-Production of handmade paper sheets
- Board drying

Day Two:
- Discuss selection of materials for Western Papermaking
- Tutorial on coloring paper pulp
- Tutorial hand pulled paper sheet formation
- Press, dry and complete western papermaking process

Day Three:
- Sharing of completed sheets of hand pulled paper to be used in further individual explorations
- Combining Western and Oriental sheet forming
- Press, dry and complete combined papermaking process
- Final questions and answers – brainstorming future concepts
•For a group of 8: $250/ day per artist.
•For a group of 4: $300/ day per artist. 
*All studio materials included. Lunch provided.

•Maximum of 8 artists
•We are located at 2338 Eutaw Place Baltimore, MD 21217

Soledad Salamé

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Open Studio @ SPS

Thank you to all that made it to our Open Studio. Despite the weather we had a great turn out.