Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hand Papermaking at Reading Road Studio with Helen Frederick

1. Looking at the natural world, participants will explore 2 systems for interaction. These can be drawn from earth (plant /animal life), air (weather, celestial bodies), fire, water, body (nervous or other systems), or polarities of your own selection.

2. Participants will first pull sheets of paper from 8.5 x11” deckles to become familiar with the hand papermaking process, and then will design 2 deckles from foam board to represent the shape of each one of your systems (scale ca. 8”x11” or 12” x 18”= round, square, oblong, curvy, spiky)

3. Select inclusions (silk threads, collaged papers or photos, text, etc.) to go into the paper vat or deckle box that will intensify change by building up layers from a few to more inclusions. Colored pulps will be provided to make beautiful sheets as art themselves or as a substrate for printing.

4. Each person will produce 10 sheets of paper for each system (10 from kozo and 10 from cotton/abaca blend)

Consider this an exploratory time for making discoveries and taking the results with you that you can develop as drawing, printing, and build larger wall works with assembling individual sheets of paper.

View artists Joan Babcock, Joan Hall, Shannon Brock, Beck Whitehead, Robin Ami Silverberg, Paul Wong, Ken Polinskie, Roberto Mannino, Peter Sowiski, Margaret Prentice, Melissa Potter and others you discover. View and look at portfolio artists.

Folks can choose two week days in late April or in May, or these weekends:
April 29/30
May 13/14,  27/28
June 3/4, 10/11

$ 300 plus $50 for materials, 
curating and drying of your work

Three Participants Only

8707 Reading Road
Silver Spring, MD 20901